Warm Up! With Hands-On Sessions at Hot Blown Glass…January and February 2018

Warm Up! With Hands-On Sessions at Hot Blown Glass…

Let’s honor January and stay in the wintertime mode!

Get HOT with a wintertime hands-on session with family and friends by making solid-formed snowmen or icicle-style sun-catchers in January.

Ready to make Snowmen out of molten glass? You will actually get to take 2100°F  glass and melt it and move it and form it into your very own solid-formed snowman!

Take on the challenge by shaping hot glass, adding color and creating his unique snowman style.

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Still challenging that HBG glass instructors will get you through to the end on, is making pulled ‘icicles’. Icicles are not as labor-intensive as the snowman challenge, but just as fun, and you’ll end up with an awesome holiday ornament or sun-catcher, you decide!

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Snowman Hands-on Sessions are 50.00 per person.

Icicle Hands-on Sessions are 35.00 per person.

NOW!! Let’s get to the next big HEART day of 2018…Valentines!!

Love the one you’re with by coming out to Hot Blown Glass, to make solid-formed heart paperweights. HBG has 3 styles to choose from. 1- Poured Hearts with Copper Heart Inclusions, 2-Upright Sculpted  Hearts with Copper Heart Inclusions, 3-Sculpted and Flattened Hearts.

35.00 per person to make your lovely, a lovely heart paperweight. To make 2 hearts – in this session it would be 60.00 per person (the same style of heart paperweight)

To make 2 different style of heart paperweights – 70.00 per person.

You will be fully hands-on and creating 90-95% of these molten glass mementos.

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And…lastly…Make Your Own Flower Bouquet!! You can make as many pulled flowers that will fit in your vase. Whether you purchase your art glass vase from me or have one of your own in mind, come out to take on the fun of pulling hot molten glass into “Flowers”! How can you beat that experience? It’s fun…fast…and as close to rippin’ hot glass as you can be. Give me a call to give it a try. Start by making 2 pulled glass flowers for 60.00 per person. Additional flowers made that day with HBG will only be 15.00 each.

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Pulled-glass flowers (2 flowers) – for 60.00 per person

Heart session – 35.00 per person

January/February Sessions

Snowman Session – January 14, 2018 – Sunday – 1:30 -4:30

Icicle Session – January 20, 2018 – Saturday – 12:00 -2:00

Icicle Session – January 27, 2018 – Saturday – 12:00 -2:00

Snowman Session – January 28, 2018 – Sunday – 1:30-4:30

Pulled- Flower Session – February 3, 2018 – Saturday – 12:00 -2:00

Heart Session (sculpted/flat) February 3, 2018 – Saturday – 2:00 -4:00

Heart Session (upright) February 4, 2018 – Sunday – 1:30 -3:30

Pulled- Flower Session – February 10, 2018 – Saturday – 12:00 -2:00

Heart Session – (sculpted/flat) February 10, 2018 – Saturday – 2:00 -4:00

Heart Session – (poured) February 11, 2018 – Sunday – 1:30 -3:30

If these scheduled hands-on session dates don’t fit on your calendar call/text 317-987-6862 to select a date and time for 2 or more people and have your on private session. Most week days and weekend requests can be accommodated.

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