Furnace on the Ground!

Furnace Rebuild 2015 003Furnace Rebuild 2015 005


The new furnace is being built. Thrilled...that the current furnace lasted over 3yrs. It had a good run!
 HBG will run hot on the old furnace for another week or so.
 Then once the new furnace is ready to slide into place, the old one will be shut down, 
 pulled off-line and ready for the new to hook up and start warming up.
 I will keep you posted as to when the studio will be at full steam again.
 HBG is going from 130lb pot to 270lb. Good...bad...or just a whole lot of hot glass.
 Plan a visit after it's on line. And for certain, take a look at my big summer event, June 12 and 13, and plan to come out.

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