Create the Perfect Lasting Bouquet out of Hot Glass


Create the Perfect Lasting Bouquet out of Hot Glass

Hosted by Hot Blown Glass, Ltd

Saturday, February 11 at 12 PM – 2 PM

Hot Blown Glass, Ltd

3717 S County Road 200 E, Clayton, Indiana 46118


Valentine’s is the perfect reason for Sessions at Hot Blown Glass.

You will get to create your BOUQUET! Start to finish, you are hands-on in the creation of your 2 – Pulled Glass Flowers!

Flowers are more fun and challenging than most first time hot glass forms…take on the challenge-so you will make 2 to start! As you get the hang of pulling hot glass flowers, you can make as many as you want to add to your gift bouquet.

Bring family and friends to create memories and keepsakes.

10yrs and older participants.

65.00 per person (2 flowers)

Each additional flower is 15.00 each.


Hot Glass is my full time business here at my studio and if you would like to schedule a private session of 2 or more participants I am happy to accommodate.

Call to enroll – 317-987-6862 or PM me

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