Count down to GAiA 2015

Counting down to Friday!!
Come on out, both days. See some great glass artists working, probably sweating! Yep!…that’s part of it.
There will be great original art pieces for sale by these working glass artists. Help support them as artists and help support HBG and VHC! See you Friday and Saturday! JUne 12 and 13.
Remember…our headliner, Joel O’Dorisio starts his demonstraion at 5:30.
Fire Performance by Chad Balster Glass starts at dusk.

Lisa Pelo's photo.

Glass Artists in Action 2015 –
The third annual Hot, Warm and Cold Glass Artists in Action begins June 12 & 13 at Hot Blown Glass, 3717 S. County Road 200 East in Clayton. On June 12, demonstrations begin at 11 a.m. For a small fee, visitors can even try a hands-on glass experience. Glass artists Joel O’Dorisio and Chad Balster entertaining the crowd that night starting at 5:30PM. Balster will give you a thrill with his fire performance following Joel’s demonstration. On June 13, demonstrations will continue all day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mark your calendar for the amazing event, original glass works will be available for sale, food and beverages will be available all weekend long as well. Other artists scheduled to demonstrate their skills include: Lisa Pelo, owner of Hot Blown Glass in Clayton who hosts and organizes the festival each year, Clayton Benefiel, Yuri Okamoto, Mike Stevens, Chad Balster, Ken Whittington, Sharon Owens, Dean Wilkerson, Amy Schultz, Bill Ronk and Jill Olinger…and maybe more!!

Remember, Friday is a great day to bring the kids…young or old to try ‘hot glass’. With the kids out of school, we can hold their attention for a day or 2!!

T-shirts available for this event! Help support GAiA…buy 1 or 2 or outfit the whole family.

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