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Fall is Here…So are PUMPKINS…make yours Brilliant! Enroll for your hands-on session.

Yes, here at Hot Blown Glass, Fall and all its bright colors have arrived.
Enroll today to have a fun-filled hands-on session creating with HOT GLASS. Take a session with family and friends to make pumpkin and gourd paperweights or pulled flowers in all your brilliant fall colors!
They both will last until after Thanksgiving and help create a joyful centerpiece.

Hot Blown Glass
-2018 Fall Hands-On Sessions
September 13-Thursday-6 PM to 8 PM-pumpkin/gourd hands-on session-$35 per person
September 16-Sunday-12 PM to 2 PM-pumpkin/gourd hands-on session-$35 per person
September 16-Sunday-2 PM to 4 PM-pulled flower hands-on session-$40 per person
September 20-Thursday- 6 PM to 8 PM- pumpkin/gourd-hands-on session-$35 per person (full)
October 7-Sunday-12 PM to 2 PM-pumpkin/gourd-hands-on session-$35 per person
October 7-Sunday-2 PM to 4 PM- pulled flower hands-on session-$40 per person
October 27-Saturday-12 PM to 3 PM- pumpkin/gourd hands-on session-$35 per person
October 27-Saturday-3 PM to 5 PM- pulled flower hands-on session-$40 per person
Call or text to sign-up today.

Featured Artist…at CCA Gallery in Carmel

September brings in some great colors! So, the brightest colors in glass get created into what truly represents the essence of fall!

Sunflowers afield!

Wall installation on display at the CCA Gallery in Carmel, IN., and available for purchase.

Ball State University…get fired up!!!

This is the piece I was making to help get Ball State…FIRED-UP!

Follow the link…it was great to be part of this Ball State University promo!

Adding sunflowers to your life…

Add sunflowers to your life!

Since I’m making sunflower bowls and plates…envision this as your summer and fall centerpiece!

Glad to join…The Green Men Fine Art Gallery, here in Indy.

Hey…the Grand-Reopening of The Green Men Fine Art Gallery is happening soon.

So many great Indy-based artists will now be part of this new to you Gallery: Sally Moore, Bruce Moore, Bernie Carreno…me…and more.

Watch for additional promo soon for the grand-reopening I will be posting.

Stop over to The Green men Fine Art Gallery after June 30th to shop and collect top quality Indiana art.

2376 E 54th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220