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November 12, 2017

Let it Snow! Ready to make Snowmen out of molten glass? You will actually get to take 2100°F  glass and melt it and move it and form it into your very own solid-formed snowman!
Take on the challenge of not only shaping hot glass, and adding color but then you get to do some ‘torch work’ on him to make him yours! Expressions in and on steaming hot glass.
Not quite as challenging that HBG glass instructors will get you through to the end on, is making pulled ‘icicles’. Icicles are not as labor-intensive as the snowman challenge, but just as fun, and you’ll end up with an awesome holiday ornament or suncatcher, you decide!

1-SundayNovember 26- 12-3pm-Snowman Session

2-SundayDecember 3- 1:30-4:30pm-Snowman Session
3-SundayDecember 17-1:30-4:30pm-Snowman Session
4-SaturdayDecember 2-12-3pm-Icicle Session
5-SaturdayDecember 9-12-3pm-Icicle Session
6-SundayDecember 10-12:30-4:30pm-Icicle Session
Snowman Hands-on Sessions are 50.00 per person.
Icicle Hands-on Sessions are 35.00 per person.

If these scheduled hands-on session dates don’t fit on your calendar call/text 317-987-6862 to select a date and time for 2 or more people. Have your on private session. Most week days and  weekend requests can be accommodated.

Lisa PeloHot Blown Glass, Ltd.

Starfish have arrived!

Starfish…here they are.
Just a start to different shapes and colors. Who knew there were so many different shapes. My bluish purple are made to have a nice aesthetic from both the top and the bottom!
Pretty sure I will make assorted shapes and colors.
They will go to retail at 20.00 each…thinking the way the orange/white one was made…maybe a little more on that style.

First starfish out of the oven!

Intro into different shapes and colors.



Wow!! New Gallery Shelves @HBG

Easier to Shop!

Fall and Holiday glass and gift items!

Fall Hands-On Sessions 2017

Hands-On Pumpkin and Gourd Sessions:

1- Sunday-September 17- 1-4pm
2- Saturday-September 23- 12-3pm
3- Saturday-September 30- 12-3pm
4- Sunday-October 8- 1-4pm

Single -One Item Hands-on Sessions – 35.00 per person
(all materials included)

Hands-On Pulled Flower Sessions:

You will get to make 2 flowers in your choice of colors.
Sunday – October 1 – 1-4pm
Sunday – October 15 – 1-4pm

60.00 per person-making 2 flowers—your choice of colors

(all materials included)

Fall Blowing 6 week Classes:

1- September 25 thru October 30 (Mondays)
2- October 3 thru November 7 (Tuesdays)

Blowing Classes – 6 week classes – 450.00 per person
(all materials included)



Order Your Holiday Tumblers and Highball Glasses here for the Holidays

Pick your colors! Makes your Holiday drinks taste so much better!


So many colors! So many tastes that go so well with the shape of these glasses.